Last week there was a day where I felt really good.  There was no particular earth shattering reason as to why I felt good, but I remember it because it was not a feeling that I could remember experiencing for a long time.  It felt so nice and I thought how wonderful it must be for people who regularly feel that way.

I think I maybe felt good because I had fallen in love again.  This time it is an old Post Office at the foot of a snow capped mountain that has got my heart racing.  Just looking at the photos of this place makes me smile.

We are no further towards our dream since my last post, or at least that’s how it feels.  But Jay and I have made the solid decision that even if we aren’t able to save enough to secure a mortgage, then we will still just move to Scotland next year no matter what.  We’ll simply buy a caravan and live in that until we can buy our own home – we’ll find a way to make it happen simply because we have to.  The lease on our shop ends at the end of March 2018 so we have 12 months to go without any kind of luxury in order to save every last penny before we can leave.  After days like today I wonder how on earth I am going to be able to get through another 12 months. (I won’t bore you with the details but it really was a shitty day.  If anyone who reads this ever thinks ‘Hey, I’d love to own an independent shop in Chorlton’, my advice is: don’t do it if you value your sanity).

But we do have a little plan to help us to achieve our dream.  If you’re can share our vision, and if you are able, then please consider supporting us: