The seating area is lovely on sunny days, especially now I’ve got a swing bench (something I’ve always wanted). Next sunny day job will be repainting all the pallet benches, inspired by the colours of one of my favourite places in the world, Port Meirion village.
I’m surprised the Green Man stayed intact over winter.
Each cane marks the position of one of the apple trees I grew from pips during the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns. Each cane is connected together with wire and also has a sweet pea and a nasturtium seeding growing beside it with the idea that they will create a temporary ‘living fence’. I will be utterly heart broken to leave my apple trees behind when we move away (whenever that will be) but hopefully the next tenants of Rigg House will take care of them for me.
These tyres mostly contain sweet peas and various types of sunflowers. Fingers crossed I can continue to keep the slugs at bay. I’ve also got lots of lupins and sweet Williams dotted about which I grew from seed last year- gardening is definitely all about patience! In fact, pretty much everything in the garden has been grown from seed, including 10 massive foxglove plants.
The sweet peas in the black pot in the middle of this picture were grown last spring and inexplicably survived over winter and regenerated. I didn’t even realise that was possible with sweet peas, especially in Scotland.
The other end tyre has got more sweet peas – I have got about 100 seedlings and full sweet pea plants dotted around the garden now.
Close up of one of the canes where you can see the teeny apple tree on the left, the nasturtium at the front and the sweet pea just behind the cane.
I happily picked my first 2 sweet pea stems of the year today. This time last year I was only just beginning to plant the seeds so I’ve definitely done better this year. As with last year, I will class my gardening success by how many sweet peas I can grow because I love them so very much.