Writing this blog used to be one of my little pleasures in life. I won’t bore you with the details as to why this was ruined for me and why I decided to pack it in (although one day I probably will). I still love my Dumfries & Galloway/Upper Nithsdale adventures, but nowadays I keep these all to myself!

Anyway, I have decided to start a whole new blog – one that isn’t dedicated to promoting our B&B business or sharing information about the area. This new blog will be focused on one of my main passions: books.

I read a lot of books. I bloody love books (and by books I mean actual books – I am not a Kindle person at all. My books are mostly acquired from charity shops). But I realised that because I read so much, it is easy to forget what I have actually read (which can be a bit annoying when I end up buying a book before realising that I have already read it!), hence my desire to keep a written record of what I have read. And then I thought that perhaps it might be nice to share my thoughts and reviews with the world in the hope that maybe I can build up a friendly little book-loving community. Like a lot of things in life I know that book blogging can become quite a bitchy environment (something a good friend of mine has experienced), but I want this blog to be a source of positivity and inspiration for everyone.

The new blog is still very much a work in progress but will be continually added to each time I finish a new book – at present I have only listed and reviewed the books I have read so far this month. If you have read any of the books I have reviewed, please leave a comment with your own thoughts (or even a link to your own reviews). And please get in touch if you have any book recommendations that you think I might like.

So, please check out https://riggbookreviews.wordpress.com/ and let me know what you think. And whilst you’re at it, why not check out https://rigghouseco.etsy.com and make a start on your Christmas present shopping!