Well, hello there!

It’s been a while since my last post – nearly 4 months, in fact.  A third of a year since we last opened our doors as a Bed & Breakfast.  Which is a bit crazy.  But we are excited to say that very soon we will be ready to welcome guests once again.  Which is pretty awesome.

Of course, as it has been for everyone, it has been a very strange 4 months for us here at Rigg House as Jay and I, and the kids, have adjusted to the new way of life.  And, also as I’m sure is the case for everyone, we’ve had times where we’ve loved lockdown life, as well as times when things have felt endlessly dark and bleak.  It has been a struggle (to say the least) but knowing that we will soon be operating as a B&B again has re-energised us and given us our sense of purpose back.  I genuinely can’t wait to start doing mountains of ironing again!


If we ignore all the negative aspects of the last 4 months, it is fair to say that Jay and I have managed to accomplish a couple of goals; Jay has been learning Spanish on Duolingo since the start of lockdown, and I have written the first two books of my fantasy trilogy, set here in Upper Nithsdale (more about this coming up soon).  The gift of time has been the greatest positive of all of it and I’m glad we have managed to make the most of it, as well as keeping the kids happy.  We’ve built incredible dens in the Fairy woods, started a ritual of baking a marble cake every Monday (‘Mummy’s Marvelous Monday Marble Cake’), ridden our bikes lots, grown 64 apple trees from pips, built all manner of vehicles out of cardboard boxes and done enough artwork and crafts to fill a small gallery.  There have definitely been lots of positives (my main one is perhaps that fact that I have decided to opt for a mobile phone-free life – my phone broke over a month ago and I’ve just not bothered replacing it: life is so much nicer without it!).


Anyway, right now we are giving the entire B&B a deep, deep clean from top to bottom, as well as implementing new healthy & safety rules, in accordance with government guidelines.  We will of course continue to keep abreast of all the latest covid-related news and will update our safety measures as and when they are recommended.  But remember : we are extremely fortunate in that we are fairly well isolated here at the best of times so it is definitely not difficult to maintain a social distance from other people!


We hope that, when you feel ready for a break, you will consider coming to stay with us here at Rigg House B&B where you can be sure you will be treated like VIPs – I’ll probably be a bit emotional when the first post-lockdown guests arrive next week!  Drop us an email for a great deal at: rigghousebandb@gmail.com.

Posts about my Upper Nithsdale adventures and the folklore and legends of the area to be resumed soon!