You definitely can’t accuse the last 7 days of being a slow news week.

It is difficult to find words to type when the mind can’t comprehend the reality it finds itself in.  Is this the real life?

Of course, like so many hundreds of thousands of small independent businesses, Rigg House B&B is no more.  For the time being.  The devastation of this fact is hard to absorb right now, but it is a feeling shared by so many up and down the country, and across the world.  And I am aware that compared to some, our loss isn’t as great; we didn’t employ any staff and we have only had the B&B just short of 3 years so its not as if this was a 3-generation family business with a hundred members of staff to think about.  But it is a cruel fact that our dreams for the future have been snatched away overnight – I don’t even want to peer into the rabbit hole of sadness about this so I’ll keep well away from that thought.

For now I will leave this blog dormant as we learn to live a different kind of life.  Since I no longer run a B&B, I consider my main job title to be ‘Home Educator’; because I have two small humans to consider then their happiness and well being is more of a priority than ever before.  As much as I have always loved doing fun activities at home with the kids, it was always nice to have the occasional trip to Dalscone or Mabie Farm Park, or to the cinema in Kilmarnock, so since these sorts of outings are longer an option, it is my full-time job to come up with fun things to keep their minds ticking over.

If you would like to follow our journey in this strange new world, and to hopefully get some home educating ideas, please check out:

Stay safe everyone.  I really hope we can one day open our doors again and welcome you to Rigg House Bed & Breakfast and to the magical land of Upper Nithsdale.