In the second of this series of posts focusing on the art work chosen for Rigg House, today we introduce you to our very beautiful Harris Suite.


Like The Darwin, The Harris is situated in its own wing, but this time at the front of the house, facing out onto the magnificent Kirkconnel hills.  A private corridor leads past the huge bathroom and into the bright dual-aspect bedroom.  It is always such a pleasure to lead guests to this suite when they first arrive.  The Harris is one of two triple suites at Rigg House, both of which have capacity for a travel cot as well.  And as with all our rooms, the suite comes with a wide selection of teas and coffee, as well as a jar of our famous homemade flapjack.


As with all the decorating and artwork in the B&B, we had to keep a tight grip on the purse strings; this is a big house to fill so we needed to be smart when it came to making any purchases.  But I love the fact that some of the interiors have nice little spend-thrift stories attached to them, such as the two ceiling lampshades in the Harris corridor; I saw a design I really liked but they cost £25 each…and then I found identical ones in the January sales in Wilko’s for £3.  I much preferred spending £6 rather than £50.


The three beautiful photographs of Morton castle which hang on one side of the corridor were found in our local Co-Op charity shop for £1 each.  We hadn’t even yet visited Morton Castle at the time I bought the prints; I just knew they would look perfect for that space.  Morton Castle is now one of our favourite places to visit and one which we always recommend to our guests.


The four framed tapestries on the other wall came from a charity shop in Northenden, Manchester in 2007 and cost me £2.99 for the set.  They have hung on the walls of 4 other homes in the years since I bought them but they are most happy to be here.


The bedroom is a very calming predominantly white room, with one feature wall painted in a soft brown shade called ‘Cookie Dough’ (admittedly I do only chose a paint colour if I like the name of it).   Along one wall we have three landscape water colour prints which I picked up at the Drumlanrig Country Fair last year.


We bought the large framed print above the bed from Etsy whilst we were still living in Manchester.  I had wanted to find a print of The Isle of Harris, but one that wasn’t a seascape – which turned out to be a tricky task at first.  We had chosen the name ‘Harris’ for this suite to fit in with our shared love of Harris tweed fabric, but we figured it made sense to have a piece of art of the Isle of Harris itself, but we wanted a rural scene to fit in more with our surroundings.  And then we found this beautiful print which almost mirrors the view from the window opposite where we wanted to hang it, so it fitted in perfectly.


The bathroom for this suite is probably the largest bathroom of any house I have ever lived in so I always feel a bit princess-y whenever I use this room (Christmas Day 2 hour-long baths in here are something I look forward to all year round!).


Every wall of this room is filled with framed Impressionist art prints (and one large Picasso) so it really is rather classy…but would you believe me if I told you that, with the exception of the Picasso, every single one of those twenty prints came from a big tatty old book from a charity shop which cost a fiver?


And all the frames came from either charity shops, B&M or Wilkos; I think I worked out at the time I did it that the whole lot came to less than £40, which isn’t bad considering the size of the room and the amount of framed prints in it.


The shower curtain for this bathroom is a bit special.


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