This is a near-complete list of all the locations and poems to be included on the first three Upper Nithsdale Poetry Trails; the Curlew Trail, Lapwing Trail and the Heron Trail.  The first two are the longest and most challenging trails, with the Lapwing Trail beginning where the Curlew Trail ends.  The combined length of both of these trails is over 60 miles and both have a focus on the poetry inspired by the Covenanters.  Through the poetry chosen for it, The Curlew Trail in particular is designed to explain the history and stories of the Covenanters.

The Heron Trail is considerably shorter and is centered in Kirkconnel.  The poems selected for this route are less ‘heavy’ than some of those included on the first two trails and focus more on the social history and the beauty of the area.  Further trails will be shorter in length and will be more easily accessible, either on bike, or by car for those unable to walk long distances.  Eventually I plan to devise 5 Poetry Trails around Upper Nithsdale, but these are all a work in progress for the time being.

For anyone familiar with the Upper Nithsdale area, I have included the locations for where each of the poems ‘fit’ so that you can perhaps work out the route for yourself (I’m still figuring out the best way to produce maps of the walks).

The Curlew Trail:

1 – Alexander Anderson memorial, Kirkconnel: The Dying Covenanter – Alexander Anderson

2 – Auld St Conal’s Kirk, Kirkland: Sunsets – by Cushie Knowe

3 – Glen Aylmer: Shades Around Glen Aylmer – Cushie Knowe

4 – Blackgannoch: Written to commemorate the dedication of the Blaggannoch Covenanting Memorial – Cushie Knowe

5 – Stony Hill: The Cameronian’s Dream – James Hyslop

6 – Cairn Table: The Covenanter’s Lament – John Stuart Blackie

7 – Muirkirk: [poem to be decided]

8 – The Long Stone of Convention: I’m Still Here – Peter Hall

9 – Wellwood: A Martyr’s Grave – Harriet Stuart Menteath

10 – Airdsmoss monument: The Battle of Airdsmoss – James Dodds

11 – Richard Cameron’s grave: Where Cameron Sleeps – Cushie Knowe

12 – Glenmuir: The Covenanters – Samuel Carter Hall

13 – Wardlaw Hill: Land of the Covenant – James Hogg

14 – Lethans ruin: The Covenanters – Letitia Elizabeth Landon

15 – Corsencon Hill: The Ayrshire Hills – Cushie Knowe


The Lapwing Trail

1 – Hair & Corson monument: The Martyr’s Grave – Cushie Knowe

2 – Polstatcher burn: Polstatcher – Cushie Knowe

3 – Euchanhead cottage ruin: The Old Ruins – Alexander Anderson

4 – Allen’s Cairn: Allen’s Cairn – Cushie Knowe

5 – Glenglass cottage: [poem to be decided]

6 – Pamphy Linns: A Walk to Pamphy Linns – Alexander Anderson

7 – Euchan Glen: Fair Euchan Glen – Robert Cluckie

8 – Sanquhar Castle ruins: Crichton Peel – Robert Cluckie

9 – Sanquhar: Sanquhar – George Logan

10 – Cameronian Cross, Sanquhar: Sanquharian Dream – William Dalgleish

11 – Craignorth Hill: Our Fathers – Where are they! – William McComb

12 – Corsebank Farm: [poem to be decided] – James Hyslop

13 – Soldier’s Pool: The Holm Woods – Robert Cluckie

14 – Crawick: [poem to be decided]

15 – James Hyslop’s Memorial: By Hyslop’s Memorial – Cushie Knowe


The Heron Trail

1 – Alexander Anderson memorial, Kirkconnel: Son O’ the Rail – Cushie Knowe

2 – Auld St Conal’s Kirk, Kirkland: In Kirkconnel’s Old Churchyard – Alexander Anderson

3 – St Conal’s Cross, Halfmerk Hill: St Conal’s Cross – Rab Wilson

4 – Kirkland Hill: Kirkconnel Hills – Alexander Anderson

5 – Glen Aylmer: My Ain Nithsdale – Cushie Knowe

6 – Top of Polbower Burn (Baker’s Burn): The Bridge – Alexander Anderson

7 – Along Baker’s Burn: The Old Mill – Cushie Knowe

8 – Fauldhead Farm: [poem to be decided]

9 – Kirkconnel village: Kirkconnel – Cushie Knowe

10 – Miner’s Memorial: [poem to be decided]

11 – Polveoch Burn: Polveoch No More – Cushie Knowe

12 – Kellobank: Nith – Cushie Knowe

13 – Top end of Mavis Bank: Summer Dreamings – Alexander Anderson

14 – Along Mavis Bank: Musings By The Way – Cushie Knowe

15 – Alexander Anderson memorial, Kirkconnel: [poem to be decided]