One of my most favourite ‘jobs’ to do for the B&B is to make flapjack.  Every room comes with a complimentary jar of our delicious homemade treats and it always proves popular with our guests.  I make a fresh batch every other day and I will often try out new ideas to create interesting new flavours – I personally like the Whisky & Orange or the Salted caramel & Fudge…or the Rum & Raisin or the Maraschino cherry & Coconut…or perhaps a Triple berry & Almond or maybe a Lemon & Poppy seed…

I like making flapjack – see above for evidence.

Anyway, just lately we’ve had a number of people asking for my recipe for my ‘special stuff’ so I thought I’d share the flapjack passion with the world.  Below is the simple basic recipe which gives you the opportunity to experiment with different ingredients and flavours – just add anything to the mix and see if it works!  Absolutely anyone can make amazing flapjacks – even if you’ve never baked in your life just follow this recipe and you will have found a new and vital life skill: making flapjack.


150g unsalted butter

1 can of condensed milk

2 tablespoons of golden syrup

250g oats

50g raisins (soak in boiling water for 30 mins)

50g seeds (pumpkin or sunflower)



  • Put butter, condensed milk and golden syrup into a large saucepan.
  • Put saucepan on cooker on low heat and stir. Remove from heat as soon as the butter melts.  Do not let mixture boil.
  • Add oats, raisins and seeds and anything else you want: chocolate, apricots, bananas, pecans, marshmallows, whisky, raspberries, coconut, cherries, cinnamon, almonds, nutmeg, chili, pineapple, vanilla, lime, pistachios, strawberries, gin…anything you want.  Go wild and invent new types of flapjack never before tasted by mankind’s lips.  Create oaty wonderment.  Why not soak the raisins in rum overnight and see how that works out?
  • Line and grease a baking tray and put the lovely oat mixture into the tray.  Compact it in tightly to create a less crumbly finished product.
  • Put in oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes, or thereabouts.  Just keep an eye on it and take it out when it starts to go a bit golden on top.  Be careful not to leave it in for too long as it can burn quite quickly.
  • Leave to cool for half an hour then cut into squares.
  • Remember: flapjack is not just for picnics and packed lunches – cut it into large slices and serve warm with cream or custard and a fruit coulis and you’ve got yourself a restaurant-worthy pudding!