Today marks a very special day for us – on this day last year we signed the lease for Rigg House! I remember the day so well, the celebratory Pizza Hut lunch and the walk in the park in the hot sunshine after we left the estate agents office. I was of course incredibly happy but I still couldn’t completely allow myself to believe that it was really happening, just in case something went wrong and I woke up from a dream.
But it was real. And here we are, 1 year later living in the house we had first seen just a couple of weeks before we signed for it, the house we fell in love with the minute we laid eyes on it. Rigg House and the lifestyle it gives us is everything and a million times more than we could have ever hoped for. To say we feel lucky is an understatement. We are proof that if you spend years dreaming about something, then one day it will come true.
For us, one of the best things about living here and running the B&B is that we have the opportunity to share our new-found passion for this area with our guests. Seeing people’s first-time reactions to the house and its surroundings every day makes it feel exciting for us as we see it all again with fresh eyes. We absolutely love running a Bed & Breakfast business and meeting interesting people from all over the world – so far we’ve had guests from China, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Portugual, Holland and many more. I love how every day is totally different from the one before and I love how we are busy, but not too busy as to not be able to appreciate the beauty all around us.
Our next milestone will be our one year anniversary of moving in to Rigg House at the end of July. We will be announcing a couple of super special offers so keep a look out for more info on this and get booking your summer break with us!