Well, well, well…I’m finally writing this blog.  I’m doing it six months later than I had intended to, but finally I am here.  Up until this point, this blog only tells the story of our journey towards The Scottish Dream – of our disillusionment with our lives in Manchester and our constant struggle to keep our heads above water.  Now it is time to share the adventures and experiences of our new life running a beautiful farmhouse B&B in Dumfries & Galloway.

So, we have now passed the 6 month milestone of making The Scottish Dream a reality and I can honestly say it really is the best decision we have ever made.  Our new life is pretty much everything we had hoped for – I had envisioned all of it so vividly for so long and now I am surrounded by everything that had filled my head for years.  I have had to pinch myself every day since we arrived here last July to check whether this is all truly our reality and not just a trippy and beautiful dream.  I could never take any of this for granted.

Our lives pre-Scotland contrast so greatly with what we have now.  We worked way too hard for way too little and every day felt like a battle – I can clearly remember going to bed most nights and dreading the next day.  Once it hit me that our work/life balance was massively screwed then I embarked on a tunnel visioned mission to change everything.  I was completely burnt out – city life and all the stress that comes with it had utterly worn me down and I had begun to truly hate the area we were living in.   For nine months my evenings were spent glued to Rightmove, researching and sending random emails to anyone who I thought might be able to help us reach our goal and get us away from a lifestyle and place which we didn’t belong in.  It was exhausting and, at times, pretty upsetting.  But I am not one who gives up on a dream.

We eventually found a house which, in all honesty, exceeded our vision.  And we are fortunate enough in that the house we found was also a Bed & Breakfast which meant that we were able to sell our old business back in Manchester and take over the wonderful Rigg House B&B.  The last 6 months have been so exciting as we have begun getting the hang of the business and exploring our new ghetto and I know for certain that moving here was the right decision for us.  Being able to share this house and our love for the area with our guests makes it even more special.

I’ll be keeping this blog regularly updated from now on, sharing our experiences and letting you know all the latest changes we make to our new business.  You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@rigghousebandb) to find out about all our offers and deals and to see lots of photos of all our fabulous guest suites.  For prices and reservations you can find us listed on a number of booking platforms, including Booking.com and airbnb, or simply email: rigghousebandb@gmail.com.

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