Finally it feels like something is happening towards our Scottish Dream.  After sending out more emails than I care to count over the last nine months, we finally have a viewing for a property that is more than suitable for us.  I’m trying not to get too excited but obviously I’m getting carried away and have already designed a garden and decorated rooms that I haven’t even seen.

This house is more than just a house – this is a 5 bedroom farm house with views better than I have dreamt about.  And this house costs the same in rent as our 3 bedroom ex-council house on an estate in Manchester.  It is simply a no-brainer.

So, we are going to view this beauty on Wednesday and I’m not sure if  I have ever been this excited about anything in my life.  There are so many reasons why I am truly desperate for my family and I to start our new life and I believe with all my heart that we really do deserve the better, simpler lifestyle that we crave.

Scotland, we’re coming for you and it is going to be wonderful!