Something I have learnt this week: before you fall in love with a property on Rightmove, always do your research.

For me it only takes one evening of looking through the same 8 photos of a house a hundred times over to become completely obsessed it.  Thankfully I was obsessed enough about the house in the photo on my last post to start doing some research about the area and the previous tenants.  And, after firing off a couple of emails I received a reply from a lovely lady who had moved out of the house in February, and in the politest way possible, she informed me that the landlord of the farm house was a convicted paedophile and advised me to keep on looking.  This was definitely not the house of her dreams, and nor ours.

I held onto a vague hope for another house that I had equally fallen in love with, but by the time I called the estate agents on Monday morning, it had already gone.  And despite this being a feeling I know all too well, I still went into the kitchen and sobbed stupid frustrated tears.

I am writing this whilst half watching Sarah Beeney’s How to Live Mortgage Free.  These sorts of programs inspire me and make me realise that achieving something incredible is possible if you just work at it.  My problem is that I need to feel that the wheels are in motion and things are moving forward.  And right now it feels like nothing is happening towards our dream, other than stupid disappointment and the growing need to get away and have some security.

Tonight’s dream has focussed on buying land and building a flat pack cabin – the one in the photo above is just under £30,000 and would give us 3 bedrooms and more space than we could ever of dreamed of.  The trick is now to just find a way to make it happen.